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After having gained twenty years of experience in the field of lift sensor remote controls, CMF presents the new version of the emergency call system, in compliance with the new standard EN 81-28: 2018 and the standards EN 81-70, EN 81-20/50.

Teleassistance 2W is designed for both PSTN telephone connection (on a fixed line) and GSM / GPRS network.

Latest-generation modules that allow, in addition to the use of classic physical SIMs, the use of virtual SIMs, which have as their main feature the ability to choose the operator, depending on the best coverage, guarantee the GSM connection.

Only two wires and compact dimensions

The connection to the teleassistance uses only two non-polarized wires for voice, signals and power supply.
The compact size of the control unit – which measures 35 x 120 x 101 millimetres – has been designed for easy insertion into the control panel by hooking it to a 35 mm DIN rail.
The teleassistance modules – with high audio quality of a thickness of only 12 mm – are perfectly integrated into the car control panel and offer the possibility of remote LEDs or external pictograms and inductive ring for the hearing impaired according to EN 81-70.
The modules in the pit area, on the cabin roof and in the machine room allow both hands-free intercom connection, always possible even in the absence of a telephone line, or telephone connection with the emergency call center.
The system is also prepared for telemetry via connection to the panel’s serial port and the Can open lift connection.
Through SD it is possible to update the device’s local firmware.

Main features

These are the main features of teleassistance 2W CMF Emergency call center:

  • The system consists of a control unit and a two-way hands-free unit (Porter) with automatic suppression of the Larsen effect and echo cancellation. The typical architecture involves the use of 4 porters connected to the control unit (roof / cabin / pit / machine room). The classic application involves the installation of the control unit in the lift switchboard or with a metal Box in stand alone applications;
  • The connection to the control unit can be via the traditional PSTN or GSM / GPRS telephone line;
  • Remote programming can be done via a simple phone, via SMS or with a free APP provided for Android or locally using the dedicated PC software. No matter how programming takes place, the operator is always assisted by voice messages that lead to an easy and safe programming; the insertion of incorrect parameters, in fact, is promptly reported and vice versa the insertion of correct parameters is always confirmed by a voice message;
  • Configurations are available in 28 different languages ​​of the 15 pre-recorded messages that guide both the installer and the user during programming or use. These messages can be addressed in the cabin to reassure the user that the alarm has been sent, to the call center or to the maintenance technician.
  • Messages addressed to the call center or the maintenance technician indicate the location of the system and the porter from which the distress request was sent can be identified;
  • Up to eight numbers of 19 numerical characters can be programmed and combined with each of the 4 types of alarm;
  • The control unit has the ability to connect, also according to the CPC, P100 and Ademco Contact-ID or proprietary protocols, both to a service center dedicated to alarm management and to fixed or mobile telephone numbers that will receive the identification of the calling system via a previously recorded voice message or SMS.
  • To combat annoying false alarms, special conditions may be programmed for which the device does not enter functions. In fact, the unit can inhibit the alarm button when the lift is stopped on a floor with the doors open, when a weight sensor does not detect any presence inside the cabin or when the elevator is in motion or any other condition up to a maximum of 4 or more if connected in parallel;
  • Particular attention was paid to the control of the power supply battery (12VDC) with relative low battery alarm;
  • The automatic and programmable self-test is available from 8 to 72 hours;
  • The device is equipped with three open collector outputs (open collector) capable of switching a continuous current load of 30V – 200mA. The programmable digital inputs are two and are used for Stop Alarm; Alarm inhibit, Technical alarm, day/night mode.

Video control for greater security

The 2Wires CMF teleassistance also offers the possibility of connecting a video camera to the porter’s BUS to receive videos or photos.
This innovative function is particularly useful in order to control the inside of the cabin during alarm calls, thus avoiding the dispatch of rescue personnel when not necessary.

Technical features

  • CVBS / PAL high-sensitivity CMOS color camera;
  • Shooting angle 110 ° H 90 ° V;
  • CMF proprietary two-wire BUS transmission;
  • Narrowband FM modulation1;
  • Capture of still image with Jpeg file (photo);
  • Prepared for Mpeg video streaming;
  • Power supply via CMF proprietary BUS;
  • Connection on 4G/3G GSM network.
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